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Black Tea Samples Combo

Black Tea Samples Combo

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Sample packs of 6 Assamica Agro loose black tea products in individual 15g zip-lock pouches. 


Queen of Assam

 If tea perfection had a name, it would share the name of this orthodox Assam gem. This tea is not only a joy to drink, but an experience for eyes as well. We dare to say this is the most beautiful tea in our collection, with elegant and full unbroken leaves and buds, so much different from broken pieces usually found among Assam teas. Brilliant golden ring on the brim of your cup and deep full character will intoxicate you with its beauty. Dry leaves offer strong fruity aroma that develops into full-bodied and well-rounded robust malty brew with chocolate and molasses layers. It will leave a bit of tangy feeling at the tip of your tongue that will soon change into a sweet aftertaste. Organically grown, handcrafted by small farmers and exclusively brought to you for pure enjoyment.

Classical Morning Delight

This classical morning delight is all you will ever need after getting out of the bed. Light and fresh flowery scent covering strong and malty brew make this handcrafted orthodox Assam tea great for an everyday morning ritual. Full-bodied and malty, light astringent finish, well-rounded flavor and full texture are the main characteristics of this organic tea. This aromatic brew will prove to be a great alternative for your ordinary morning tea bags. This classical Assam tea does not only contain personality and style, but a high amount of golden tips as well. We recommend you enjoy a deep copper color of this brew by serving it in a glass or white porcelain tea ware.

Kanoka Summer Breeze

This unusual, lighter version of organic Assam black orthodox tea is truly exceptional among our black tea selection. Flavor of this tea seems to be brought by the wind lightly blown from a flower garden. Strong cocoa base is perfectly completed with light citric and flowery flavors floating on the top. Unique complex tea handcrafted by Kanoka tea artisans will bring you a whole new perspective on orthodox Assam black tea. Short leaves with lots of tips from second flush will not leave a bitter taste on your tongue, but very pleasant and smooth flavor that will refresh both your mind and body.

Delicate Dreams of Darjeeling

Darjeeling black tea is not your regular breakfast tea, although you can drink it in the morning as well. Darjeeling tea is not to be drunk in a rush, but to be enjoyed slowly, with every steep and sip, discovering hidden layers of its exquisite leaf. This tea has a beautiful flavor profile, elegance and personality. Take your time to enjoy all hidden layers and discover why is it called the champagne of Indian black teas. Light yet very expressive flowery notes with sweet ripe fruit taste, and just the right touch of faint astringency to round-up the sweetness in a brew that is hand-crafted for pure enjoyment.

This rare black tea has been made from tea leaves grown in Pasabong village near Kalimpong at an altitude of 2000 meters without using any chemical fertilizers or pesticides for several decades. Leaves have been processed by the small farmers in the same village in micro-tea processing units, but with great passion and love. 

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast tea, which is common in the British tea culture, has also become the most popular blended tea around the world. It is a black tea blend usually described as full-bodied, robust and rich that goes well with milk and sugar.

This full bodied Scottish invention has been with us for many many decades, popularizing black tea all over the world. We are making this Indian only version of English Breakfast tea by mixing Assam with Darjeeling, both grown organically and handcrafted by small tea farmers.

We are using two of our popular Assam orthodox teas, and a rare and elegant black tea from Darjeeling to make this blend. Assam black tea will give you the needed strength and robustness. The Darjeeling black tea with a complex flavor profile and a delicate personality will make sure you have a dash of uniqueness in flavor. 

Organic Assam Tea (Chai Tea)

Organically grown in some of the finest upper Assam tea estates, and made from the tender most tea leaves and buds only, this tea offers the classic full-bodied, robust taste perfect for making a cup of strong malty black tea. The first sip would be enough to make you fall in love with this tea if you are fond of a strong Indian Chai tea. The tea has a great substantial body, a very strong, rich and powerful taste with some astringency making it similar to espresso. Has a well rounded texture that just rolls over the tongue with an exquisite flavor. Just add some Indian spices, milk and sugar or jaggery to enjoy the delicious warmth of this wonderful drink.

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