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Assamica Agro

Rose Green Allure - 10 Tea Bags

Rose Green Allure - 10 Tea Bags

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Our rose petals and green tea organic blend is all about beauty and scent. We used only full leaf organic tea for making tea bags that will be easy to use and delight you with their charm, elegance and sophistication, bringing faraway oriental places right to your cup. There is no place for bitterness in this blend, only deep intrinsic rose scent and freshness of green tea, with all of their nuances in each and every steeping. Oriental, deep and fragrant, this tea is made to make you daydream.Our tea bags are made of 100% cotton, and are safe and healthier than regular bleached paper tea bags. They contain full loose leaf tea instead of ordinary low quality fannings and dust found in mass-market tea bags. Each pack offers 20-30 cups of tea (10 tea bags per pack, 2-3 infusions per tea bag).


For centuries, both green tea and the rose have been used for therapeutic and medicinal benefits. Rose and green tea contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, vitamins and alkaloids. In combination, they create a tea that delivers calming, infection-fighting, immune-boosting and cleansing properties. 

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30gm per pack (3gms per teabag)


Whole leaf in tea bags




Oriental velvet rose flavor with fresh and deep green tea base, delicate and sophisticated, well balanced with light sweet aftertaste


Enjoyment and calming

  • Water temperature: 75-80º Celsius
  • Dosage: 1 tea bag
  • Amount of water: 150-200 ml
  • Steeping time: 2, 3, 5 minutes
  • Resteeping: 2-3 times

    Method: We suggest you to always use freshly boiled water cooled down to proper temperature. Higher temperature and longer steeping time will result in stronger tea with more astringency. You can add sugar, lemon or milk to your tea, but we suggest that you try it straight first to enjoy it to the fullest. This teabags can be used at least two or three times.


    Relaxation and daydreaming of faraway oriental land full of sophisticated veiling scents. 

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